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Susan Plowman

Susan Plowman graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 1987 with a honours degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing and has been a professional jeweller ever since, she is a member of the Society of British Jewellers and the British Society of Enamellers.  

Susan spent her early years in the jewellery industry working in the Kelvingrove Museum documenting and repairing the Hull Grundy collection. Studying and repairing Art Nouveau jewellery by masters such as Rene Lalique has created an enduring aesthetic in Susan’s work, her passion is fine,  vitreous  enamelled jewellery. 

Susan undertakes commissions and enjoys designing new pieces of jewellery from pre loved inherited pieces. She is a studio jeweller who works  in recycled eco silver, fairtrade gold, vitreous enamels and ethically sourced gemstones, Susan’s work is classed as narrative jewellery as it tells a story. This narrative is focussed on environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution and our impact as a species on the planet. She is particularly interested in our relationship with animals both domestic and wild.

Life In Scotland

Susan is also inspired by ancient cultures and her interest in anthropology and archeology, particularly by exploring our relationship with other animals and the  natural world.
Working from original artwork inspired by nature and normally starting from watercolour sketches and acrylic paintings on canvas. These images are developed in to smaller scale pieces that can be worn on the human form. 

Susan spends her spare time relaxing  with her horses, dogs and cats at her farm in Cromarty. 

What's Important To Us

Values & Ethics

As well as using responsibly sourced materials within our jewellery, a percentage of sales are donated to the RSPB Scotland and The WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation)