Hare Logo Inspiration

Hare Logo Inspiration

Susan’s registered trade mark is the running hare logo. This is printed on the gift boxes, cloths, pouches and bags.and on the front of the gallery in Fortrose. The hare logo is also on her hallmarking tags, so customers can be confident that they have an original piece by Susan Plowman and not a copy.
Susan has always had a close connection to these magical creatures and her running hare brooch was one of her first pieces that she made in gold.Thirty five years a go her inspiration was from an ancient decorated pot with running hares around it, that she did sketches of in the British museum.

Now her inspiration is taken from her own hare Rowan, who she adores.

This tiny baby hare was rescued from a dog, on examination it was not injured but had been removed from where the mother hare had left it and so could not be returned to the field, as it would not have survived
It was about a day old and needed to be bottle fed three times a
day with kitten milk in a syringe,the leveret was found in April and released in the field at Susan’s farm in July.

Rowan still comes to Susan at her farm and likes to help himself to her homegrown kale and cabbages!

He inspires her ever expanding range of hare jewellery and is a constant source of inspiration and amusement.