The Benefits of Recycled Metals

The Benefits of Recycled Metals

What are Recycled Metals?

Recycled metals are any metal that have already been through the refining process. They come from a variety of resources that are re-melted to create a usable material to craft new jewellery pieces.

Benefits of Recycled Metals

Recycling metal reduces pollution, saves resources and reduces waste going into landfills; as well as preventing the destruction of habitats that results from mining for brand new metals. Metal recycling conserves natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by using less energy than making jewellery from a new metal ore. The production of new metal also releases a far greater amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared with making products from recycled metals. Here at Studio Jewellery, we pride ourselves on using recycled metals in our pieces, and doing our part to protect the environment. 

Eco-friendly jewellery is manufactured from materials that aren’t as harmful to the environment. This also means that the material from which it was manufactured has the least possible negative effect on the environment and is sourced using ethical and responsible methods. Jewellery made using recycled metals uses natural resources and non hazardous elements, which is better for both you, and the environment. This is because it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that can harm your health. Switching to eco-friendly jewellery could be a great way to do your part in the fight against climate change. 

Proven Savings: 

  • Recycled gold produces up to 99.8% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than mined gold. 
  • Recycling platinum produces about 1/20th of the emissions that mining for platinum does. This is a 95% reduction!
  • Recycling silver produces around 14% of the emissions that silver mining does. 

It is clear that recycling metals to create new jewellery pieces instead of using a new metal is much better for the environment. It reduces air pollution, waste, water usage, mine drainage, as well as the destruction of wildlife habitats.  Therefore, there are many benefits to using recycled metals when crafting jewellery.