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Jewellery Remodelling

Transform your Jewellery

Inherited and damaged jewellery can be transformed into new bespoke family heirlooms. The end result is a beautiful, ethically made piece of jewellery that reflects your family and your personality. A beautiful and unique legacy for future generations


Engagement ring design

Laura contacted me via email with a photo of her mum's engagement and interlocking wedding/eternity band. Interestingly, Laura sent a copy of the receipt for her mum's engagement ring which was bought in 1969!

Laura wanted a simple ring that she could wear every day to remind her of her mum.


Engagement & Wedding Rings

Joan made an appointment to see me about having her existing engagement and wedding rings remodelled. Her design brief was for a pair of matching rings in platinum that could be worn every day. They had to look good together and individually and not have any claws to catch on things.

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Our jewellery remodelling services are by appointment with Designer Susan Plowman. Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.


Gold Diamond Ring

Vicky posted me all of her family jewellery, her inherited diamond rings, and old family pieces along with a treasured diamond tie stud and gold watch chain from her grandfather.

The design brief was to put all the diamonds and gold in to one ring that she could wear every day, to remind her of her family. It was lovely chatting to her about the memories connected to each diamond, each stone has a special sentimental meaning for her.

Case Study 4

Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Morven called me about a diamond and sapphire ring that she wanted remodelled to fit her existing wedding ring. I had made Morven’s interlocking wedding ring to fit her engagement ring and although it was over 20 years ago I still had all the wedding ring dimensions on file.It was a simple job to remodel her sapphire and diamond ring to fit her wedding ring perfectly.

Jewellery Remodelling

Resident Designer Susan talks about Jewellery Remodelling and answers the most common questions about her process.